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"Quick & Dirty" Network Management Training on UTBI

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"Quick & Dirty" Network Management Training on UTBI
by David Landsberger - Friday, September 7, 2018, 9:23 AM

Dear Learners,

At the University of TBI we have released our latest Quick & Dirty Training on Network Management.  Click the link to sign in and enroll in this free course.

This training will teach you how to identify opportunities for this managed service in addition to teaching you how to qualify them as well.  

Network Management is an extremely logical solution for those of you who specialize in selling data circuits and WAN connectivity.  With this solution you can complement your core offerings and deliver even more value to your end user customers.  On top of that, these solutions can help you and your customers manage your time more effectively because you'll have a technical specialist proactively looking out for any network issues or inconsistencies, complete with a remediation plan.

Not to mention the margins on this managed service are much higher than what you receive on a standard data connection. $$$ :)

Devote 5 minutes to your education today.

Join us at The University of TBI.


Prof. Dave