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NEW Mobility Training on UTBI

NEW Mobility Training on UTBI

by David Landsberger -
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Dear Learners,

TBI is proud to announce our latest Technology Overview Training on Mobility.

This course will take you through agnostic product, sales enablement, vendor commissions, market opportunity, and opportunity qualifying in the following areas: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), MDM (Mobile Device Management), WEM (Wireless Expense Management), Mobile Security, and Single SIM opportunities.

As business moves to remote working to deal with COVID-19, the market for Mobility solutions will continue to grow. Initial research since the pandemic has begun demonstrates that companies are already seriously considering partial or entire remote workforces for current and future state when business returns to more "normal" times.

The opportunity for wireline sellers to sell wireless solutions has never been stronger. Customer demand is high, executive boards are bought in, and the budget for these solutions not only exists, it grows everyday.

Learning Never Ends,

TBI Training Team