The University of TBI News

News Central is the 'news agency' or 'news-stand' within the school, this serves students by releasing to them the latest news. At News Central, we broadcast advice, strategies, how-to-articles, through leadership pieces, and other information that will support students to reach their goals.

This is a tool that allows students to stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments!

The news releases from News Central are used as a trusted guide and resource by our students to further empower them. Our releases are informative and provide principles of education over a variety of topics for students. 

This allows for us to release to students real-time information as it becomes available. Information hasn't changed, but the way that it is being delivered is evolving as the developments of new innovations are made available. 

You will find that the news releases are informative and provide for an interactive experience to further broaden what you already know.

News Central is a format for delivering changing web content. This levels the playing field in communicating to our students, it is our goal to immediately update you via email as these updates are readily made available.

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