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NEW CCaaS Training on TBI U

NEW CCaaS Training on TBI U

by Suzan Pero -
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Valued TBI U Community,

TBI is proud to announce our latest Technology Overview Training on Contact Center as a Service in conjunction with our NexGen Virtual Connect conference.

This training will cover the conversation starters, gotchas and terminology to assist you in both finding and seizing CCaaS opportunities in the field.

There are no silver bullets in telecom, but CCaaS is about as close as you can come to it for an end user. Contact Center as a Service software isn’t just for call centers anymore. It’s an opex model that allows for your customer facing teams to become a revenue generating center.

In 2020, brick and mortar organizations are being forced to change. Those that were trepidatious are now forced into considering an aaS model. Customers already bought in are looking to double down. The market has never been more ready to step into the future of CCaaS.

Learning Never Ends,

TBI Training Team